Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lunch Walk

My roommate Becca brought these verses to my attention today, and they were so fitting, as Boston was hit with yet another snow storm last night:

"He gives snow like wool. . .
He hurls down His crystals of ice like crumbs;
who can stand before his cold?"
Psalm 147: 15, 17
These beautiful words really resonated with me throughout today at how great God is. And although I'm generally a huge fan of winter, it gave me an even fresher perspective on surviving winter in Boston. Here are some pictures I took during my (almost) daily lunch break walk around Boston Common. I'm so lucky to work so close by this beautiful place, and I love taking a trip there for 20 minutes or so during lunch to recharge

They blow all the sidewalk snow through the bars of the cemetery by Park St.

The State House

walking through the pigeons

few of the city from the back of the Commons

rolling cigarettes, I love that their hands are almost exactly the same

guess who?

This little girl was standing in the spray of the above snow thrower

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm actually writing this post as I sit at work today, pretending to be busy whilst partaking of my 2nd Diet Snapple since noon and listening to Taylor Swift (please, don't judge me. She's fun). I'm also looking at a piece of bubble wrap I somehow acquired and wondering how obnoxious it would be if I started popping it throughout the next 2 hours. pretty obnoxious, I'm guessing. 

Today, I realized something that was slightly horrifying. First, I'll let you in on the secret to my many successes (haha) I'm a list maker. I love making lists: shopping, to do, chores, etc. and since I have an endless supply of pink index cards and post-its at work, my habit is constantly being encouraged (Let's face it, who DOESN'T like making lists on pink index cards??) The problem is I've noticed lately that I've been making more and more lists that never get done, or continually get pushed off to the next day, and the next, and the next. Or I make a list and then lose it and so I have to make another one, but I can't remember everything that was on the first list. To make up for it somehow, I just add more things to the current list which will also inevitably be lost.

"Why is this so awful?" you wonder. 
I'll tell you. 

I used to work for a character called "the Writer" One of my jobs with said writer was to help her prioritize her day and help her manage her time (she kind of sucked at that part). since I'm a list-lover, I implemented liste making into her daily schedule. Thus began the habit each morning of spending upwards of an hour making a completely unrealistic list of things to get done for the day. If we were lucky we'd get about one thing done on the list, if she didn’t' lose it first (sound familiar) and we'd have to improvise. 

I would get SO FRUSTERATED leaving every day knowing that list was sitting there collecting dust, and not any close to being done. More than the 'making of the list', I like the 'crossing off all the items on the list'! but it appears that I'm becoming the writer. making lists for no reason, never getting anything done.

Last night I blatantly defied my list and spend over 2 hours watching one of my favorite French movies A Very Long Engagement. I think I need to put that movie on a list of ones I need to own. . .

Or maybe not.

Do make lists  to help organize you day? do you cross things off on them? 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More of that "white stuff"

If I hear one more person say, "I'm so sick of all this snow, I don't understand where it's all coming from!", I'm going to kick them.
We live in New England, people. If you don't like getting snow in the winter, you should probably leave.

(Ok, I may have engaged in a lunch time conversation about how the snow should melt, and I just want to wear some dang sundresses. But then, I rebuffed myself, as I don't really mind the snow. It's part of what makes New England so great!)

Also, people keep going on about how this winter is so much worse than normal and how usually we get snow and then it all melts before we get another storm.

Now my memory is not exactly that of an elephant, but I feel like it serves enough for me to say that I remember plenty of winters growing up and in the not too distant past where we had similar storms buffeting our fair towns and the snow definitely did not melt in between.

And as one coworker put it today. . .at least we don't live in Syracuse!
Amen, sister. But bring on some more snow!

In honor of winter, here's some pics I took while out enjoying the snow with the roommate during one of our recent storms:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Experts Say

"If you're tempted to handle your stress by smoking or drinking alcohol, experts say don't."
 I read this sentence in an article at work, and immediately died laughing. I mean, what kind of sentence is this? This statement is so obvious that I wondered, did they really need to say "experts say." Did experts actually say this? Or did the person writing the article just think this and insert the bit about experts to give it more validity. 

It sort of got me thinking that if this is the kind of stuff journalists are looking for, couldn't I be an expert of some sort. Surely, it can't be that hard to go around making statements like, 

"If you're trying to save money, you should stop spending so much each month" 
 "If you're too hot with the thermostat at 80, think about turning it down." 

All people would have to do when quoting me is slap that nice little expression on the end there.
 "experts say" and wham. There you have it. If the experts say it, it must be true.

 I guess what I'm saying is, I think I probably have just as much expertise as these experts, so if you ever have a need for an expert, or a need to quote an expert, I'd be happy to oblige.

Because people always think something sounds more valid if it comes from an expert, experts say. 

 I wonder what experts would say about this blog (besides myself, clearly). Probably that it's great. And if you want a good laugh you should read it.

 No, I'm not being conceited, I'm just telling you what some experts say.

I've used one word in this post 13 times, can you guess which one? Using a word more than a dozen times in quick succession tends to get a little repetitive. At least, that's what the ex--yea, yea. you know the drill. . .


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The World is Words

Do you ever have those days at work where there is nothing to do? 
 I do.

You sit there, and sit there, trying to look official and busy but really, you're just on Facebook on your phone or typing out an email to someone is word so it looks more "work related" until you quickly copy and paste it into Gmail later when no ones looking.

Or maybe you just have a more relaxed work environment and no one really cares what you do or when as long as the work gets done. People definitely look the other way at my office, but given my new desk position (I was recently promoted) I'm in clear view of both of my direct managers and the VP of my department. Eek!

So on days like today, when I'm so bored I literally fall asleep for a minute until my head jerks back and I nearly fall out of my chair, I decide to write. I write about lots of things: major life dramas I need to work out on paper, how I'm feeling that day, letters I want to send to people, angry drafts of letters to Kohls corporate regarding their recent indiscretions, etc.

Recently, things took a more creative turn, and I wrote a poem. An awful, hilariously bad poem. But in the stupor of my work day, as I tried to stay awake an look engaged in some important insurance business, I thought it was pretty good. I was wrong. But I'll let you read it anyway. Because I like you:)

The world is words
each atom a letter
this great cosmic asteroid
rotates on Cs and Zs 
each revolution around
the impatient sun
an 'A' baked clean
I can pull a xylaphone out of the ozone
an elephant from the earth
The world is words
and I must write them down

I know, I know. You're gasping for air right now at the profundity of the words. You want to start name dropping and raving, and emailing me accolades. It's pretty great right?
 I mean seriously, where do I come up with this stuff?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm not addicted, I can stop any time I want

I'm in love.
Ok, maybe that's a bit strong. I'm in intense like, in a "hey you're really cool wanna hang out and stare at each other for hours" kind of way.
It was fate really, a sort of kismet. The story really began in 2007 but has been gaining momentum until now.  

"Who's the lucky guy, K?" you're wondering as you read this. And the reality is, he would be super lucky. I mean, sorry that was totally immodest. I'd be the lucky one. But he'd be luckier (just saying. . .) 
We're getting off track here. Jeez people, you're so easily distracted, this isn't about a man, lucky or otherwise.
The story began in 2007 when Amazon released its first generation Kindle for $399. Obviously, I was a poor, innocent little college student and had little to no knowledge of the world of e-readers. In fact, I didn't even pay them much mind until I moved to the city and started sneaking glances at peoples' Kindle's and Nook's on the train. They were all so calm, collected, and reading away as I tried to wretch a book out of my purse without elbowing anyone, getting the pages wet, or generally causing a fracas on the T.

 Post-Christmas, on a high from a crazy deal I got on a camera, I decided to go ahead and purchase the latest Kindle. I've had it for less than a week and I'm already pretty convinced it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. It's so tiny, easy to take around, and it's like being in a book store 24/7 (sigh).  I've already had to limit myself to a book buying budget each month lest I spend all my money on ebooks and have to resort to living under an overpass by the Charles begging for money from people for a Kindle fix!

Today was my Kindle's first outing on the T since I finally got in a lovely case for it so it will be nice and safe knocking around in my bag. It was the most amazing feeling getting on the train sitting down and shimmying it out of my bag without disturbing anyone around me or having to make a production out of it. The girl sitting next to me perked up when she saw me flip it on, and was definitely over-the-shoulder reading with me. I fought hard to keep my smile to my self, as I was her few short weeks ago. "Read on, girlfriend" I thought, "and then get yourself online and get you one of these babies. You will not be sorry."

Some parting reflections:

1. Yes, I did use the word fracas in this post. 
2. In case you ever wondered, Pyrex is not indestructible.  I proved that this evening when I managed to shatter a hot baking dish with a mere drop of cold water (that Ziploc bag's fate was just as grim). 

Monday, January 17, 2011

I {heart} weekends

Note: I wrote this last night with the intention of publishing it then, thus the ongoing weekend remarks. Alas, I was distracted and before I knew it, bedtime had approached (I did not have Monday off, thanks work) and I gave up. Forgive me. 

What a lovely weekend I'm wrapping up right now (by eating dark chocolate covered cranberries from TJ's, yumm!).

So lovely, in fact, I won't even wait until tomorrow to tell you about it! Right after work on Friday a friend and I packed our bags and headed out of the city to visit friends in Western MA. We arrived at their darling little, snow covered home and were so happy for smiling faces and a fun night out planned. We spend the evening enjoying great company, great beer (not me, bleck!) and some fantastic Irish music at a local pub. 

Saturday was a day filled with visiting one of my favorite places, Esselon Cafe, in the area for the most delicious drink called a Honey Lemon Ginger, or as they refer to it in shop talk the HLG. I love it iced, but since it was so cold I went for a frothy, steaming hot mug of it. Oh, how I have missed that delicious treat! It was heavenly, especially paired with a tomato, feta, and pesto omelet split with a friend.  Pure gastronomic delight! Sadly, I was too engrossed with drinking my HLG to remember to take any mouth watering pictures. 

Later that night, we headed out with our hosts to pick up our friend Kait from the airport as she was returning home from her native CA. We arrived decked out with a giant sign hanging out the windows proclaiming "Welcome Home Kait!" and had Katy Perry's "California Gurls" blasting at top volume. Of course, our screams of joy when we saw her waiting took the party to another level, entirely. Despite the security guard's clear distaste for our antics and the other new arrivals' confusion, we kept it up as Kait stood on the sidewalk dancing away and we boogied in the car. Such fun! I love my friends and our craziness! 

Sunday was spent seeing old friends at church, cramming way more stuff into my car than we arrived with and making a shopping trip where I bought a really darling shirt that reminds me of flower petals. I can't wear it 'til spring, but I'm still so excited!

How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with great friends, good food, and good fun because those are the best kinds!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Green Peace

I decided to become a writer when I was in 2nd grade. Our teacher gave us a writing prompt and asked us to write about something "green". While all the other kids around me struggled to write a page or two (remember 2nd grade pages have huge margins, lines, and writing) I was racing through my story about green food. Round about page eight, my teacher had to stop me because I was pushing the time limit and everyone else was done with their story (I promise, I was not an obnoxious, know it all, second grader. . .much). After the accolades of my teachers, fellow class mates, and family had died down, I knew my true calling. 
I was going to be a writer. 

Since that day, I've been planning, hoping, and dreaming of being a writer. I went through an angsty faze in middle school (imagine that) where I wrote a lot of depressing poetry and even got one published! Ok, the truth is it was really bad, and while it may have sounded deep and filled with inner truth it was mostly just a bunch of posh and I have no idea what it even meant (but don't tell the APA that. . .since obviously the integrity of their organization rides on my 7th grade poem).

From there, though I moved on to bigger and better things. You know, thought provoking high school stories and essays. I went to college and studied journalism and comparative literature (where I even tried to write in French. Quelle horror!) and even wrote a memoir for my senior thesis. 

When I graduated college, though, I was lost. I still loved to write, but who was my audience? What should I write about? Did I even like writing any more? I could never be a writer! I was wading in a swamp of uncertainty that plagues most liberal arts majors (let's face it fellow LA people, we were totally unprepared for the reality of 'real' life). 

Almost a year after graduating, I was still lost, but I decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon, to get myself writing and to just have fun! I ended up loving it and almost a year later, here I am still blogging away. It was while I started writing a blog that I also starting reading blogs. And it was then that I came across a blog by a woman Courtney Kendrick. Her blog C.Jane, Enjoy It is hilarious, sarcastic, pithy, and just about every other adjective you can imagine. She makes me laugh, her kids are adorable, her husband's charming, but mostly she's a wonderful writer. C. Jane makes me remember why I love to write, what writing can do, and the power it can have on your life. Reading her blog is one of my favorite parts of the day. 

Writing bring me peace. It make me remember that I am alive, that I have something to say, that I have a totally unique perspective.

Even if no one ever read this blog (and thanks to those that do!) I would still keep writing because

I am a writer. 
(and have been since 2nd grade, thank you very much!)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Say Cheese!

I don't think I ever mentioned to you all, but I finally got a new, actual camera. Gone are the days of crappy phone pictures where I have to explain what it is you are viewing. No more grainy, horribly lit memories and being thankful that someone else at the event had a real camera so I can steal their pictures off facebook. 

I'm so thrilled!

Although, it should be noted that having a new camera, despite all it's fun features only made me realize that I probably will never be a photographer. I get so inspired by my friend Lauren who is a great photographer and my darling sister who is in school this very minute to become a professional photographer. They're so good at capturing angle, light, emotions, everything. When I try to be clever with the camera it usual just ends up being confusing. "Oh, did you take a picture by accident while walking?" someone will ask. So sad. 
But, I guess I just have to except that words are my craft, not pictures (if you think I'm bad at those too, don't burst my bubble, please; I need something to live for!)

But you know what a new camera means (and a touch screen one no less!)? It means back to Monday posts showing my weekend it pictures! joy!

These goons and I decided to make butterbeer from Harry Potter. It was mildly successful, but the best part was just laughing and having fun with friends!

Butter beer!

try out the recipe we used, and let me know how yours comes out!

On Saturday night, a group of friends went out for a belated birthday celebration for my roommate (see the hot chick by the men's rooms). We chowed down on flatbread and an amazing "everything-free" cake,  had a blast mastering the art of candle pin bowling, and took some delightfully awkward photos (see my weird grip on my friends arm in the group picture above.

Hallelujah for the weekend, and for new cameras too!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Once More

Ok folks, if you're the real squeamish type, I'm sorry to bring up blood again. As sorry as I am, though, here we go!

If you look at my previous post about self testing my blood type, you'll notice that a friend commented that A- blood is some of the rarest blood. I immediately thought this was pretty cool and so decided to do some further researcher in the hopes of blogging about the fact that my blood makes me some sort of quasi superhero. or at the very least, some sort of rare medical phenomenon to be awed. 

Unfortunately, my research was rather confusing and didn't yield quite the results I was expecting. First off, it appears that A- blood isn't so rare as my friend would have me believe. I must admit I was maybe just a little upset to find that B- is even more rare. Second, rare blood is way more complicated then just A, B, and O. There's like Rh factors, and plasmas and it's all just way too intense for me to want to get into.

and third, as exciting as all this was in the beginning, it turns out the actual pricking of my finger was way more fun then wading through loads of boring info.

I did, however, come across the most hilarious website on blood types. Go here for a laugh, especially when the narrator gets down to listing attributes that are common of negative RHeses (no clue how to pluralize that bad boy!). If they were all true I guess I should be a fair skinned, red headed, blue eyed science lover with UFO connections. . .


If you don't know me personally, let me assure you: I'm basically the opposite of every single one of these attributes. Except, I was one abducted by ali- anyway, enough about that. This doesn't describe me at all.

Although, if you'll scroll down to the bottom of the website, you'll find that apparently the rh- trait comes form fallen angels/aliens. So maybe I really am a superhero of sorts. 

Or maybe I just totally did the blood test wrong. I think I'll leave that little mystery unsolved for awhile.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Negative

For the last few months, my good friend and roommate Becca has been experiment with different diets in order to help with her health. Recently, she's become  increasingly interested in this book and diet regimen called Eating Right for Your Type. The basic premise is that different blood types require different diet and exercise styles to maximize healthy living and healthy body weight. I'm still somewhat skeptical and haven't done enough personal research to espouse any of the beliefs laid out in the book, but believe me, anything that promises shedding some pounds is always something I'm interested in! On that note, my own interest has been piqued.

There has just been one little, teeny tiny problem: I happen to be part of what I suspect to be a large group of people who don't actually know their blood type. eek!

Thus, I jumped on the chance to figure out my own blood type when Becca announced this evening that she had a blood type testing kit lying around. Also, the promise of pricking my own finger was somewhat seductive. I'm not one of those people who shies away from needles or blood, and have always thought it would be fun!

And so the blood testing commenced. It was a little more involved than I expected as you had to use these little stick things and get four drops of blood without smearing them on your fingertip. Stirring and turning and counter clockwise and counter-counterclockwise turning were then required to swirl or shake the blood thoroughly around the test circles. 

I thought there would be a little more mystery involved, but it became immediately clear that I was blood type A Negative. How fun! I immediately wished there were other people and other kits around to test their blood type. I feel like it could be kind of addicting. Like those blow up sponges you get and put in water and watch them grow. or eating Nutella. 

So what I'm really saying is. . .if you don't know your blood type, you should get a test kit. And then  
call me

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Lovelies. 

I'm spending the day vertical on the couch, trying to fight off death (aka I'm ill).

Blessedly, however I was able to spend New Year's Eve with some lovely people enjoying good food, laughter, and fun conversation. What more could I have asked for to say goodbye to this crazy year!

and, while it may seem like a bummer to be sick on New Year's Day, is really a blessing in disguise. I mean, 2011 can only get better from here!