Monday, October 29, 2012

Life Lately

Phew, this fall is a whirlwind. For now, I think I'll let these photos tell the story. . .

Between visits with family, time with friends, keeping up with my new jogging regimen, and whipping up fun, fall goodies it seems I barely have a spare minute to write. Look out for some updates this week,  though. It seems Hurricane Sandy is going to make the time for me!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lonesome Dreams

If there is one thing I have loved from an early age, it is music. My mother could tell you tales about how particular I was about the order of songs she sang for me, or how long and detailed my renditions of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" could be.  

This same intense connection to music hasn't changed as I've gotten older, and I'm always searching for new and powerful music. Good music.  I want music to make my heart beat fast and slow and not at all for just a few moments. My lips should swell in an unquenchable smile from the unending joy of beautiful sounds joining together. I've only felt this sort of musical exultance once or twice.  Last night, as my friends and I shuffle danced our way through song after song, I felt it. 

This Thursday, two friends and I went to see the band Lord Huron just a mere 2 days after their first full length album was released. It is a true sound treasure. NPR describes it as a mash up of the cavernous choruses colliding with the polyrhythmic playfulness
Everything about the evening was perfect. The venue, a smallish dive bar a few minutes walk from my place. The opening act was sassy, sultry, and not half bad. And, when well after my weeknight bed time, Lord Huron stepped on stage, it was like I had entered an alternate universe.  And the best part? As joyful as their music makes me, the members of the band seemed to take just as much joy from it. More than once, I caught a happy grin spreading across the faces of the band members. They danced and smirked and sang their way through the night enjoying the making of their music as much as I did. I loved it.

Alas, once the dream haze of the show ended it became clear that my transcendent experience was over. I came crashing back to earth just in time to have the bassist and electric guitarist appear to our left. My friend Nicole wasted no time in greeting Miguel, the bassist and sharing our pleasure over their performance. He was sweet and lively and grateful  Shaking hands and taking our names. She was warm and friendly and encouraging, complimenting him and his band mates on a job well done.  

Oh, what about me, you ask? 

I crept around the edges of the conversation like the socially awkward thirteen year old I sometimes am. I tried to look encouraging and enthusiastic. I daresay, I might have looked more like a deranged creepster pretending to be part of the group. Lord, help me.

A few minutes later, as we chatted up another band member, our friend Nate joined us, greeting Tom like an old friend, amiably asking him about his life and times. You know.

I kept up the awkward lingering, I'm nothing if not consistent, folks.

Nonetheless, as we said our final goodbyes to the band and headed out the door we got a lovely surprise  I made my pals stop for a little photo shoot in front of the chalkboard where Lord Huron's performance was hastily advertised. Miguel happened to be stepping outside and cheerfully jumped in with them for a photo of his own accord! Whataguy! I'm glad he was unphased by my creepster tendencies, what a great memory this photo makes for!

and here are some other highlights from the evening:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ring Ting Tingling, Too

I don't know about everyone else, but coming off of a three day weekend has been a little bit rough this week (unless you live in CA, where my roommate informed me, they apparently don't really do Columbus Day. Hmm.) Yesterday, especially, getting up was a chore. A look at the weather, before getting dressed, however, spurred a thrill up my spine as I saw that the high would only be in the mid 50s. Perfect fall weather! My mini pumpkins shone merrily in the window despite overcast skies and as I stepped outside to walk the train, I filled my lungs with brisk fall air. October and November are probably some of my favorite months of the year. They are pregnant with a promise of harvest, holidays to come, brilliant changing colors, and cool, invigorating air. And. . .as I walked out of the train station, there was a special nip in the breeze. It was just a wisp that I barely grasped as I moved by but it felt like a Christmas breeze. In fact, I think I heard the slightest hint of a melody. A "just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ba ba badada dum" whispered on the cheerful fall wind. Oooh, I'm shivering with delight now just remembering it.

Preceded this little holiday sprinkle, were three days replete with birthday celebrations for my friend Hannah. We drank delicious drinks, ate  lovely food, sang some karaoke (umm, Destiny's Child, anyone?) and generally had fun celebrating Hannah's birth. She asked me to make a cake for one leg of the celebration and as she's from Tennessee  I went for a sort of country western themed cake. Hidden inside the fondant shell was a little chocolate on chocolate action for a girl who loves her some rich goodies! Yum!