Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oregon Trail: Part 2

 Sometimes, I say I'll do things "tomorrow" but I'm really just using the term loosely.
Here is Part 2 of my trip to Portland and it's all about the amazing food. From street food at the food carts that are synonymous with Portland to high end outdoor Latin dining at Oba we truly enjoyed some amazing eats (as the foodies say. . .heh!). I'd go back to Portland just to keep exploring the cuisine scene, for sure!

Shwarma for lunch!
1} Lovejoy Bakers; 2} Kushary, Kushary; 3} Voodoo Donuts; 4} Bunk Sandwiches 

one night we hit up the funky Alberta neighborhood for  ice cream at Salt & Straw
(we loved the ricotta honey lemon)

Voodoo Doughnuts! I tried the dirty old bastard...best donut I've had in awhile!

a slice of haunted pizza at the eerie Old Town Pizza
And my lovely travel companion Jenna: enjoying a Whole Bowl, strolling through Powell's Books, and drinking from a Benson Bubbler! 

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